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The realistic TOR hack of Mr. Robot | ALC Training

The breakout television show of 2015, Mr. Robot, follows Elliot Alderson, a young and anti-social computer engineer secretly taking part in a vigilante hacking group. The show has received praise for its original and socially relevant subject matter, alongside the realism represented in its hacking scenes. With the second season of Mr. Robot recently available […]

Is COBIT 5 training the best course for you? | ALC Training

Starting a career in IT is easy; deciding which path to follow with so many options is the difficult part. While we at ALC Training offer a number of unique and expertly taught courses, knowing which is best for your skillset and what line of study will benefit you most is crucial before committing to […]

Establishing a common project management language with PRINCE2 | ALC Training

Managing projects successfully while incorporating client feedback can be a daunting task, one that PRINCE2 methodology aims to address and mitigate.  For IT professionals who have spent many years researching and studying the best and most up-to-date framework or methodology for managing projects, PRINCE and the more flexible PRINCE2 will already be familiar terms. We at […]

Promoting better project management with Agile | ALC Training

Remaining adaptable in the modern business world is crucial to incorporating new processes and ideas while allowing former methods to evolve within the company.  For IT professionals looking at improving their project management efficiency, making the choice between PRINCE2 certification and Agile can be a tough decision. As with any qualification course or study, it's important […]

Is PRINCE2 IT project management the training course for you? | ALC Training

While the benefits of implementing a universal framework will allow a common language to be spoken by everyone in your IT department, it's crucial that you take the time to consider which architecture framework and methodology will fit into your company dynamic. That's why ALC offers a diverse range of options for those wishing to […]

Choosing the right security framework for your business | ALC Training

When deciding on a security framework, it's important that you choose the most applicable and appropriate set of foundation technology and software that suits your business and company needs. Below, we'll look at our SABSA offerings, and how our courses are structured to provide you with the most effective and relevant IT security training possible. […]

Government hacks highlight international security concerns | ALC Training

The recent data breach of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) shows not only that governments aren't above being hacked, but that the greatest opponents may be foreign governments themselves.   The scope of government-funded cybercrime was recognised in September, 2015, when a deal made between the US and Chinese presidents called for neither government to […]

Weaponising encryption through zero-day vulnerabilities | ALC Training

When Symantec released its Internet Security Threat Report in April, 2016, a number of disturbing trends were highlighted in the world of information security.  Some of the key trends that were identified in the report covered large data breaches in companies, an increase in zero-day vulnerabilities and the growing use of ransomware for extortion techniques […]

The ITIL Expert career pathway | ALC Training

Choosing the correct certification in IT can be a challenging task. With a plethora of curriculum and specialisation options – and just as many instructors and consultants – choosing the most beneficial training course with the right provider can prove a great success to your career. ALC Training has been a market leader in IT project management […]

Hacking the amygdala with social engineering | ALC Training

On the bus trip to enjoy your shopping, a lovely young man sits next to you.You strike up a conversation and are happy to find you have similar interests. He also owns a dog, the same breed as yours, and he even demonstrates a love of the same films and sports. You're surprised to find out that you […]