In-house Training

We specialise in volume training for business and government.

If you have teams to train – large or small – we offer many options to make your training as effective and affordable as possible.


In-house Training – Anywhere, Anytime!

If you have a group of people who can all be spared at the same time then in-house training may well be the most effective solution for you:

  • Very cost-effective solution
  • Usually works best for groups of six or more participants. Some courses can be run in-house for even as few as  four participants
  • We can hold the course for you anywhere in the world!
  • Programs can be delivered “as is” or customised to suit your specific needs. In a customised program, the examples and case studies are developed for your organisation
  • Sensitive issues can be openly discussed because there are no “outsiders”
  • The program is delivered at your choice of location, either at your own premises or an external site
  • You can choose a timing that suits you. Evening, weekend or other special timings can be arranged to minimise the impact on normal work schedules.

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Voucher Scheme – Great Value!

Our Voucher Scheme is the ideal solution if you have a team to train but cannot have them away from the office all at the same time. Pre-purchased vouchers allow your staff to be released on a selective basis – minimising impact to the business and customer operations – yet at the same time ensuring you get significantly discounted rates. Convenient and easy to administer.

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Training on YOUR premises



Further Information

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