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ALC provides the best value, most comprehensive ITIL training program in Australia, from ITIL Foundation Certification to ITIL Intermediate and ITIL Expert.

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 ITIL Certification Structure

Our ITIL courses are presented by experienced practitioners who have distinguished themselves both as subject matter experts and as training professionals. You don’t get just the theory.
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ITIL Foundation Certificate (3 days)

$1650 + gst

This is the ideal starting point for any person or organisation needing to understand the ITIL framework. Provides high-level, comprehensive understanding of ITIL and an integrated approach to IT Service Management through implementation of cross-functional processes and effective communication channels. Provides full preparation for the Foundation Certificate exam.

ITIL Capability Certificate Courses (5 days)

$3450 + gst 

Creating service value is at the core of Service Management so understanding the Capabilities that create this value is paramount to meeting your customer’s, your company’s, your team’s and your own personal objectives.

The ITIL Capability modules comprehensively address this requirement and at the same time provide the fastest path to ITIL Expert accreditation. There are four ITIL Intermediate Capability Certificates, each focussing on a different functional area and providing intense, specialised, process-level knowledge on the day-to-day execution of ITIL (click on course names below for full details):

  • Release, Control & Validation (RCV)

    RCV focuses on achieving control and stability and optimising the quality of an IT service to ensure it can be used and supported effectively and efficiently.

  • Operational Support & Analysis (OSA)

    OSA focuses on ensuring stability by preventing reoccurrence of faults and optimising the quality of service by responding to issues and requests in a controlled and timely manner.

  • Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA)

    SOA focuses on optimising the quality of services provided by responding to existing customer and future market requirements with cost-justifiable, service orientated value propositions and solutions.

  • Planning, Protection & Optimisation (PPO)

    PPO focuses on translating strategic vision into functional requirements and providing cost-justifiable IT services that align with customer needs and optimise performance, availability and measurement of services.

Click course names above for detailed outlines

Managing Across the Lifecycle (5 days)

$3650 + gst  

This is a free-standing qualification, but is also the final and mandatory module of the Service Capability and/or Service Lifecycle modules leading to the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management. The course focuses on the ancillary knowledge required to implement and manage the necessary skills in IT Service Management. Designed for: Individuals who require a business and management level understanding of the ITIL core lifecycle and how it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organisation.

ITIL Lifecycle Certificate Courses

ALC offers the complete set of five modules. These are not on the public schedule but are available upon request.

The five Lifecycle modules are more strategic in nature and focus on implementing, managing and improving an entire stage of the Service Lifecycle. Lifecycle courses emphasise stage and process relationships, roles, responsibilities and implementation considerations. The target audience includes process owners, Lifecycle stage managers, ITSM implementation teams, consultants, stakeholders and anyone else involved in an Information Technology Service Management project.

The five ITIL Lifecycle modules are:

ITIL Courses in Your City

Our ITIL certification courses are offered on a regular basis in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


ITIL Sydney training courses are held in conveniently-located high-quality CBD purpose-built training facilities or in city-centre hotels. .


ITIL Melbourne certification courses are held in quality CBD hotels or city-centre training facilities providing an ideal training experience away from the office.


ITIL Canberra training courses are held in a variety of well-located quality venues in both CBD and regional locations.


Courses are held city centre or else at our training rooms in Milton right on the edge of the Brisbane CBD.  Easy access by private or public transport.


ITIL Perth courses are held at quality hotels in the city centre.

ALC has been providing top-quality ITIL training since October 1999 and is Australia’s longest serving ITIL provider.
Our courses feature outstanding trainers, superior course materials, consistent high quality.  You can choose from:
  • Public ITIL courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin
  • In-house courses wherever you are located
Quality usually comes at a premium but we work hard to offer our courses at very competitive prices.
Contact Dennis Pigram if you think you can get a better comparable deal on ITIL training anywhere else!

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What are the Key Benefits of ITIL?

Axelos, the joint-venture owner of ITIL, has announced the release of an important new value proposition document identifying the key benefits of ITIL.  You may download this document direct from the Axelos website.

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ITIL Expert is the prestige qualification that demonstrates a superior knowledge of ITIL in its entirety. Achieving this qualification will benefit both your organisation and your personal and professional development.

ITIL Expert is awarded once a candidate accrues a minimum of 22 Credit points.

Once you have ITIL Foundation (2 credit points) the fastest and most cost-effective pathway to ITIL Expert is to then take the four ITIL Intermediate Capability modules (each worth 4 points) followed by Managing Across the Lifecycle (5 points).

Contact us to discuss your personalised program towards ITIL Expert.

What is ITIL?

ITIL (the Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a best practice IT Service Management process framework initially developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) within the UK government. Subsequently it has been developed in collaboration with leading industry experts, consultants, and practitioners over the last 15 years. Since its launch, ITIL has been widely accepted throughout the world as the de facto standard for best practice in IT Service Management. Joining the ITIL club admits an organisation to a consistent and comprehensive approach to service management ranging from software products to consultancy, training and qualifications. The common approach brings with it a common language of ITIL terms, which permits easier understanding of suppliers and products.

Who is using ITIL

Globally thousands of organisations have adopted ITIL and the same trend can be seen with organisations in all levels of government, health groups, financial institutions and many others.